「THE GATES」の運営にご協力いただけるボランティアスタッフを募集いたします。ご希望の方は下記のフォームからお申し込みお願いします。バスケやライブイベントを盛り上げながら一緒に楽しみましょう。



We are looking for volunteer staff who can cooperate with the operation of “THE GATES”. If you are interested, please apply from the form below. Let’s have fun together while enlivening basketball and live events.

Volunteer staff will be provided with food and transportation expenses for the day. Limited to the first 30 people. The meeting time is 8:00 on the day. We plan to disband after cleaning up after the event.

Staff T-shirts will be distributed on the day of the event. Please also let us know your T-shirt size. If you want more than XXL, please enter it in the message field.
In addition, this event will be held for two days. Please select the date you would like to participate from the application form. Each application operation will be applied for one day. If you would like to participate for two consecutive days, please apply twice.