1. All matters related to “THE GATES” store openings are subject to these guidelines.

2. Vendors must strictly comply with these requirements and operate on the day according to the instructions of the event organizer.

3. Qualifications and criteria for vendors

(1) Have a food business license (temporary business or car business).

(2) The name of the store opening applicant and the business license holder must be the same.

4. Event schedule

Date: June 26, 2022

Sales time: 10:00-18:00 (withdraw by 19:00)

5. Store opening notes

(1) Do not rent the designated place to others or use it for any other purpose.

(2) Do not sell goods outside of designated areas.

(3) Show selling prices for all products.

(4) It is prohibited to set up seats in all places including sidewalks and stalls.

(5) The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

(6) Strictly observe the designated business hours.

(7) Be sure to carry your business license and store opening license with you and present it in a visible place.

(8) Sufficient management of business to prevent theft and danger.

① The event organizer will not be held responsible for theft or other unforeseen circumstances.

② Concerning the placement of sales vehicles, make efforts to ensure the safety of visitors.

③ Perform quality control.

(9) When handling new products other than the application, please notify the event organizer in advance and obtain approval.

(10) On the day of the event, business must continue until the end of the event (sales possible time), except for unforeseen circumstances.

*If you want to withdraw during business hours, be sure to contact the event organizer and obtain their approval.

(11) On the day of the event, payment must be made with a meal ticket issued by the event organizer. The issuance and use of food tickets other than those issued by event organizers is prohibited.

(12) Please follow the instructions of the event organizer regarding matters not stipulated in these store opening guidelines.

6. How to apply

We only accept applications from the official event website application form.

7. Hygiene management fee

(1) As a hygiene management fee, please pay 20,000 yen from the official website after completing the application.

(2) As a general rule, hygiene management fees are not refundable.

(3) If the entire event schedule is canceled due to bad weather, disasters, or accidents, 70% of the hygiene management fee will be refunded.

(4) The sanitation fee will be used for street cleaning and garbage disposal.

8. About meal tickets

(1) In principle, selling on the street is prohibited, so please pay with a meal ticket.

(2) Food tickets will be sold and cashed by the event organizer only on the day of the event.

9. Miscellaneous

(1) If the event organizer deems an act inappropriate, the event organizer will issue an order to stop the opening of the store, and the event organizer will be responsible for the damage caused by this. does not incur any costs.

(2) In order to ensure smooth operation, other decisions shall be made in accordance with the instructions of the event organizer, and the executive committee will not be held responsible for any damages caused by this. Hmm.

(3) This event will be held for the purpose of revitalizing the local community, so please take thorough measures against infectious diseases and act ethically so as not to cause trouble for neighboring residents. please.